Names in
History of Browns Grove & Burdett Kansas, 1876-1976

This is an index of every name mentioned in this out-of-print book. If you are interested in any of them, contact me at the address below and I will tell you what the book says about him or her. The amount of information for each name varies from just a mention to several paragraphs.I can't provide scans or photocopies from the book, but I will transcribe the relevant portion and provide the page numbers.


Abbot, H. C.

Ackley, Ona


Adams, Chas.

Adams, Dr.

Adams, E. V.

Adams, Nelson


Alexander and Co.

Alexander Family

Alexander, A. J.

Alexander, J. M.

Alexander, Kenneth

Allen, L. H.

Allen, Lulu

Allen, Mrs. Edgar

Allen, Mrs. L. H.

Allen, Nellie

Amend, Dr.

Amest, Waite

Anderson, G. W.

Andrews, Joseph

Ankrom, Frances

Anthony, Mrs.

Arbogast, Jasper

Arbogast, Silas

Archer, J. M.

Archibald, Joe

Armstrong, Belle

Armstrong, Eliza Amy

Armstrong, Eulah Helen

Armstrong, J. C.

Armstrong, James Cheney

Armstrong, Lida

Arnold, Elmer

Arnold, Kate

Arnold, Lee W.

Asay, Cleo

Asay, Darrel

Asay, John

Asay, Otis

Asay, Robert


Aswege, Ella

Athea, James W.

Atwater, Helen

Atwell, George

Atwell, Julia Ann

Atwell, Robert

Atwood, Althea


Babcock, Charles J.

Baker, Lowell

Baker, Lucius

Baldwin, Sophia

Ball, Lynne


Baltzell, Rev. C. W.

Barger Brothers

Barger, Westoby

Barker, Lucius

Barnes, Leonard

Barrett and Roche

Barrett, Thomas H.

Barsock, Charlie

Bartholemew, David

Bartlett, C. C.

Bartlett, Henry

Bates, E. C.

Bauer, Anna

Bauer, Carl

Bauer, E. P.

Bauer, Edward Phillip

Bauer, Emmett insurance agency

Bauer, Emmett J.

Bauer, Fred

Bauer, George

Bauer, Jacob

Bauer, John

Bauer, Kate

Bauer, Lester

Bauer, Louella

Bauer, Louise

Bauer, Mabel K.

Bauer, Marie

Bauer, Maynard

Bauer, Mrs. Anna Marie

Bauer, Mrs. Gretchen

Bauer, Mrs. Phillip

Bauer, Philip J.

Bauer, Raymond Insurance

Bauer, Raymond

Bauer, Robert 

Bauer, Sharon

Bauers Garage

Bauers General Store

Bauer-Vaughn Grain Co.

Beamer, Zelma

Beauchamp, Wm.

Beebe, Sarah

Belknap, Prof.

Beltz, Eddie

Bennett, E.

Bennett, S. H.

Bennyworth, Ada

Besore, Jacob M.

Besore, Joseph

Bettes, Albert

Bettes, Ella Mae

Bettes, Lee

Bettes, Mrs. Wilbur

Bettes, Virginia

Bettes, Wilbur

Bettes, Wilma

Biggs, Wm.

Bindley Brothers

Bindley, Benjamin

Bindley, Bryon

Bindley, Carrie

Bindley, Earl

Bindley, Edith

Bindley, Elmer

Bindley, George (Taylor)

Bindley, George W.

Bindley, Hallie

Bindley, Helen

Bindley, Ira

Bindley, J. E.

Bindley, Jabez

Bindley, Jean

Bindley, John

Bindley, Kent

Bindley, Marjorie

Bindley, Mary

Bindley, Millie

Bindley, Mrs. Dell

Bindley, Mrs. G. W.

Bindley, Mrs. M. A.

Bindley, Mrs. Mary A.

Bindley, Mrs. Tom

Bindley, Ray

Bindley, Sarah Edith (Mrs. John)

Bindley, Taylor

Bindley, Thomas

Bindley, Wil

Birzer, Joe

Bixler, Rev. A. J.

Black Kettle

Black, Charlie

Blackwell, Lena

Blair, John

Blakey, Dave

Blocher, Lewis or Louis

Blossom, E. E.

Blount, Dr.

Blount, Justin

Boese, Vernon

Bointnot, Ida

Bonar, George

Bonifield, W. E.

Booth, Capt. Henry

Boucher, Haley

Boucher, Joseph

Boucher, Liza

Bowie, Dr. T. C.

Bowie, Glenn

Bowman, Col.

Bowman, Dr.

Bowman, Katie

Bradbury, John

Bradney, Dean

Bradney, Forrest

Bradney, Harry

Bradney, Jonas

Bradney, Louise

Bradney, Shirley

Bradshaw, B. R.

Bradshaw, Bert

Bradshaw, Romet

Brady, Eugene Earl

Brady, James Sherman

Brady, James Victor

Broce and Smith

Brock, Adam

Brown, Almon

Brown, Buck

Brown, Dean

Brown, Dr. Gallatin

Brown, Frederick A. American Legion Post

Brown, G. W.

Brown, Georgia

Brown, Gerald           

Brown, Henry R.

Brown, J. B.

Brown, Judge

Brown, Lieut. Micah

Brown, Lillie

Brown, Lorenzo

Brown, Lutie

Brown, Mrs. Almon

Brown, Pauline

Brown, Roy

Brown, Sarah J.

Brown, Thomas R.

Brown, W. L., Mrs.

Brown, William B.

Browne, Arthur

Browne, Collins

Browne, Elizabeth Anne

Browne, Ella

Browne, Frederick A.

Browne, Frederick Collins

Browne, James E.

Browne, John C.

Browne, Margaret Sarah

Browne, Marybelle

Browne, Richard Hoag

Browne, Richard

Browne, Russel

Browne, Sidney

Browne, William Arthur

Brownlee, Frank

Brownlee, Irving

Bruner, C. C.

Bruner, Mrs.

Bruntzel, Dorothy

Bruntzel, Floyd D.

Bruntzel, Lorrayne

Bruntzel, Thelma Ruff

Bryan, Wm. C.

Bryant, Mr. and Mrs. Donald

Bryant, Patricia

Bryant, Ronald

Bryant, Stanley Ray

Bryant, Susan

Buchert, Margaretha

Buckman, Agnes

Buckman, Raymond

Bullman, Eliza                                                            

Burdette, Robert Jones

Burnett, Don

Burnham, Hugh

Burns, James

Burns, John

Burns, Mary

Burres, George Edwin

Burres, Hattie Belle

Burres, Laura Leone

Burres, Leonard

Butcher, H.

Butler, Dr.

Butler, John

Butler, Robert W.

Button, Sam


Cain, Lee

Caldwell, Elizabeth

Caldwell, John

Callen, Season E.

Camp, Deck

Camp, Dexter

Carlson, Charles

Carlson, E. S.

Carr, Mrs. Effie

Carr, W. R.

Carrick, John S.

Carroll, Brian

Carroll, David

Carroll, Kevin

Carroll, Lorna Smith

Carroll, Reid

Carroll, Rev. Doyle G.

Carroll, Shaunna

Carter, Dr.

Case, C. I.

Case, Charlie C.

Case, Courtland R.

Case, Ella

Case, Florence

Case, Lillie

Catlin, Mary E.

Catlin, Wayne

Chaffee, Catherine

Chaffee, Elizabeth

Chaffee, John M.

Chaffee, Margaret

Chaffee, Martha

Chaffee, Milo Orville

Chamberlain, Sadie

Childers, Med

Chittendon, L. W.

Choat ranch

Choat, Lewis A.

Choat, Mary E.

Clark, David

Clark, J. M.

Clark, Mrs.

Cody, Col. Bill

Cole, Dr. A. J.

Coleman, Dr. W. L.

Commer, Betty

Compton, George

Connell, A.

Converse, C. L.

Cook, Hattie

Cook, Mrs. Belle

Cooksey, Everett

Cooley, Verle

Cooley, Verlene

Coolver, Wallace

Cornelison, Della Fay

Corrie, Roy A.

Cox, George A.


Crawford, C. A.

Crawford, Mildred Grace

Creps, N.

Cresson, Jas.

Crockett, Delmar

Crockett, Elvin

Crockett, Jesse R.

Crockett, Robert

Crockett, Washie

Crosson, Barnard

Crosson, David

Crosson, Wm.

Crozier place

Crozier, Allie

Crozier, Russell

Crozier, William

Crumpton, Will J.

Cullech, W. E.

Culver, Wallace

Cure, Paul

Curtis, Beryl

Curtis, Edgar

Curtis, Emma

Curtis, Frank

Curtis, George A.

Curtis, Ida B.

Curtis, John Edgar

Curtis, Rolf H.

Curtis, William E.

Custer, Col.

Custer, General



Dadisman, R. A.

Damon, Alice E.

Danford, Blanche

Danford, Darlene

Danford, Earl

Danford, Elsie M.

Danford, Frank

Danford, John Lincoln

Danford, Myrtle K.

Danford, Roland A.

Danford, Stanley

Darling, Robert

Daughenbaugh, Maurice

Daughenbaugh, Silas

Davidson, General J. W.

Davie, W. L.

Davis (Larned Press)

Davis, David G.

Davis, Guy

Davis, H. J.

Davis, Oliver

Davis, R. S.

Davis, Rev. Harland T.

Davis, Rev. T. J.

Deaton, Abram B.

Deaton, Ernest

Deaton, Frederick

Deaton, Mauna Loa

Deaton, Nellie

Deaton, Robert

DeJean, Edith

Delaney, Howard

Delaney, Jack

Dellinger, W. F.

Dellinger, W. H.

Delp, Albert

Delp, Alice

Delp, Baby

Delp, Beryl

Delp, Bessie

Delp, Calvin E.

Delp, Daniel A.

Delp, Florence

Delp, Glen

Delp, Harley

Delp, Henry

Delp, Louise

Delp, Marie

Delp, Norma Lou

Delp, Roy N. Sr.

Delp, Roy Neil Jr.

Delp, Roy

Delp, Stella

Delp, Verna

Deniston, C. C.

Deniston, G. W.

Desaire, Larry

Dewey, Henry F.

Dewey, Orlando E.

Dial, Rev. B. B.

Dick, Lloyd

Diepholder, Rev. Father

Dill, C. R.

Dill, J. R.

Dillinger, Nellie Ethel

Dinsley, Mrs.

Dirks, Lydia

Disselcamp, Rev. J. B.

Ditus, Anna

Ditus, C. F. And Verner

Ditus, Carl

Ditus, Effie

Ditus, Frederick

Ditus, Jessie

Ditus, Kate

Ditus, L. L.

Ditus, Leon

Ditus, Lucy

Ditus, Nellie

Ditus, Verner

Dixon, Charles

Dixon, Dessie

Dixon, Earl

Dixon, Ed

Dixon, Frances

Dixon, Frank

Dixon, Freddie

Dixon, Geraldine

Dixon, Lee

Dixon, Martha

Dixon, Marvin

Dixon, Mary

Dixon, Micah P.

Dixon, Mr. and Mrs. Edward

Dixon, Phyllis                                                            

Dixon, Ray

Dixon, Rev. M. P.

Dixon, Rex

Dixon, Robert

Doll, Emma

Dove, George

Dovel, Velma

Dovel, Win

Dow, Kathryn

Downs, Sara

Dressie, Charles

Dressie, Fred

Dudley, J. W.

Duff, John T.


Dull Knife

Dumbauld, Estella

Dumond, John H.

Duncan, George

Dunn, George


Dyson, T. E.



Eakin, Agnes

Eakin, Alfred Tennyson

Eakin, Alice

Eakin, Barton K.

Eakin, Byron Leonard

Eakin, David Burton

Eakin, Dwight

Eakin, E. V.

Eakin, Edwin Victor

Eakin, Eleanor Lou

Eakin, Ella Rebecca

Eakin, Elsie Vada

Eakin, Emma

Eakin, Floyd William

Eakin, Glen E.

Eakin, Glen Harvey

Eakin, Grace Etta

Eakin, Irene Leila

Eakin, J. A.

Eakin, James Floyd

Eakin, Jesse Benton

Eakin, Julie Ann

Eakin, Kenneth George

Eakin, Lena

Eakin, Lewis E.

Eakin, Lizzie

Eakin, Lloyd Burton

Eakin, Lulu Leila

Eakin, Mabel Alice

Eakin, Mabel Lillian

Eakin, Mary Elizabeth

Eakin, Maude E.

Eakin, Max E.

Eakin, Nolan

Eakin, Perry

Eakin, Ralph

Eakin, Samuel Edson

Eakin, Samuel J.

Eakin, Sarah Elizabeth

Eakin, Tenn

Eakin, Thomas William

Eakin, Velda

Eakin, Wendell

Eakin, Willis

Eakin, Zaida

Easkin, Willis

Ebeling, Johanna

Edison, Senter

Edmisten, Leonard

Edmisten, Lloyd

Edmisten, Lorraine

Edmisten, Marjorie

Edmisten, Mrs. Leonard

Edmisten, Ralph

Edmisten, Richard

Edmisten, Royal

Edmisten, Stanley

Edmisten, Stella

Edmisten, Thelma

Edmisten, Wid

Edwards and Creps

Edwards, R. E. Ranch

Edwards, W. C.

Edwards, W. C., Jr.

Ehret, Geo.

Ehret, John

Ellis Home

Ellis, Beverly

Ellis, E. E.

Ellis, Earnie

Ellis, Ed

Ellis, Elmer

Ellis, Fanny

Ellis, Jack

Ellis, Kendal

Ellis, Louis

Ellis, Mrs. Louis

Ellis, Myrtle

Ellis, Phy

Ellis, Sheldon

Elsie M. Danford

Elspass, Charles M.

Elspass, Emma

Elspass, L. H.

Elting, Dr. W. V.

Enfield, Eli

Engleskircher, Len

Engleskircher, William

Evans, E. W.

Evans, Ellen

Evans, W. E.

Everitt, Jacob

Ewell, Franklin J.



Fagan, Barbara

Fagan, Dewey

Fagan, Ella

Fagan, Mary Alice

Fagen, Elizabeth

Fagen, Ella

Fall, Gene

Fall, Helen

Fall, Marion

Fall, Vivian

Farrell, Mary V.

Fashbender, E. C.

Fergus, William

Fine, Clyde

Fine, Elery

Fine, Frank

Fine, George

Fine, Harry

Fine, Luther

Fine, Lydia

Fine, Ralph

Fisher, Effie

Fisher, Georgie

Fisher, Gertie

Fisher, J. M.

Fisher, John and Catherine

Fletcher, Otis

Floreth, E. L. Jr.

Floreth, E. L.

Floreth, Lizzie

Foreman, Fred

Foreman, W. H.

Foss, Donna Bea

Foss, Elmer

Foss, Wanda

Foster, A. T.

Fowler, Eli M.

Fox, Amos

Fox, David

Fox, Harold

Fox, Myrna

Fox, Rev. J. W.


Franz, Tillie

Frazier, Jay

Freeland, Beryl

French, Alfred J.

Friend, Addie

Friend, Arnold

Friend, Bertha

Friend, Betty

Friend, Carl

Friend, Claude

Friend, Clay

Friend, Elmer

Friend, George

Friend, Harry

Friend, Hazel

Friend, John

Friend, Joyce

Friend, Kenneth Jr.

Friend, Kenneth

Friend, Larry

Friend, Leroy (Pat)

Friend, Martha

Friend, Mr. and Mrs. John

Friend, Myrtle

Friend, Norma

Friend, Ola

Friend, Orval/Orville (Dick)

Friend, Pearl

Friend, Ray

Friend, Roy

Fritz, Frank

Fritz, Jerome

Fritz, Thomas

Frizell, Mayor

Fromong, Laura

Frybarger, Susan

Fugate, Jane

Fulton, A.

Fulton, Ester Meadows

Fulton, Jim

Fulton, Joseph

Fulton, Pierce

Fulton, Ruth



Gagna, Elzer

Galagher, Henry

Gannon, Elizabeth

Gardner, Fred

Gardner, Freda

Gardner, John

Gardner, Mary

Gardner, Roy

Garrett, Carrie S.

Garrison, Arthur

Garrison, Freeborn

Garrison, Howard

Garrison, Lester

Garrison, Mr. and Mrs. E. T.

Garrison, Mrs. F.

Garrison, Ola


Gates, Rev.

Gerdis, Geo.

Gibson, D. S.

Gibson, David

Gibson, Dr. J. S.

Gibson, Fanny

Gibson, Joy King

Giddings, Albert

Gilbert, Helen

Gilbert, Judge


Gillette, J. M.

Glaze, Mr. and Mrs.

Gleason, Michael

Glies, Conrad



Good, Jake

Goodell, Grace

Gooding Property

Gooding, Mr. and Mrs.

Gooding, W. L.

Goss, Otis G.

Gosser, Joseph

Goudy, Charlotte

Goudy, Ed

Goudy, Harry

Goudy, Jennie Smith

Goudy, Loren

Gould, D. A. M. Jay

Grabbs, Jim

Grabbs, William

Grable, H. B.

Grable, Sister

Green, Sarah Edith

Greenwood, Col.

Gregory, John

Gregory, Lois

Griffith, E. A.

Griffith, Elmer

Griffith, J. W.

Griffith, Mrs. E. A.

Griffith, Nettie

Griffith, William P.

Grosdidier, H. G.

Gross, Ruben

Groves, Grace

Grubb, J. A.

Guth, Jacob



Haight, Wm.

Hall, James

Hall, Lizzie H.

Hamlin, Jess

Hamlin, Mrs.

Hanchild, F. W.

Hancock, General Winfield S.

Handy, J. B.

Handy, Mrs. J. B.

Handy, Rev. J. B.

Hanna, Alex

Hanna, Edward

Hanna, Eldred

Hanna, Ernest

Hanna, Florence

Hanna, J. R.

Hanna, Kenny

Hanna, Lloyd

Hanna, Maude

Hanna, Paul


Hardman, Dr. Charles

Hardy, H. W.

Hardy, Harry

Hardy, Rev.

Hardy, Wallace

Harger, John

Harger, Samuel


Harris Family

Harris, Cora

Harris, G. W.

Harris, Maud

Harris, R.

Harrison, Hans

Harrison, Mabel Norris

Harrison, Mable (Kitty)

Harter, D. L.

Hartzel, Isaac

Harvey, Rev. George

Hasting, Dr. W. E.

Hatfield, Leslie

Haun, Margaret

Hawk, George W.

Hay, Rev. John

Hayes, Anna

Haylock, Wm.

Haymond and Haymond

Haymond, Alphesus Oresta

Haymond, Betty

Haymond, Cecil

Haymond, Clarence R.

Haymond, Dwight

Haymond, E. C.

Haymond, Earl

Haymond, Etta Pearl

Haymond, Fay

Haymond, Ferne

Haymond, Jessie

Haymond, Merle

Haymond, Mildred

Haymond, O. R.

Haymond, Pauline

Haymond, Ray


Hays, Virgil M.

Hayward, James

Hayword, Wanda

Hazlett, R. F.

Hazlett, Robert

Heather, Jack

Heaton, Byron

Hecox, P. J.

Heimer, Gus

Heimer, Ida

Heinen, John and Pearl

Helmbold, Mrs. Elimor

Helms, Henry

Hendershot, Edith

Hendershot, Zella

Henderson, J. J.

Hensen, Charles


Hess, R.

Hettinger, Andrew

Heustice, Emmet

Hickerson, Absalom

Hickock, Wild Bill

Higgens, Dr. L.

Hiller, Vida

Himrod, S. A.

Hinnergardt, Ben

Histed, L.

Hoag, Elizabeth

Hoag, Ella

Hoag, Mira

Hoagland, Merrill

Hockensmith, Henry

Hockensmith, Rev. H. C.

Hoffman, Katie

Holland, John

Hollinger, Richard

Hoofer, J.

Hooper, J. M.

Hoover, Lester

Hope, Clifford

Horchner, Louie

Horney, Estelle

Horney, V. A.

Horyna, Elmer

Hottel, Rev.

House, Les

Howell, Emaline

Howell, Erlis E.

Howell, Floyd

Howell, Ida

Howell, John

Howell, Mr. and Mrs. Evan

Howell, Rhoda Ruff

Hubbell, Mrs. Fred


Hudson, H. C.

Huffman, C. R.

Huffman, S. C.

Hughes, P. C.                                                             

Hughes, Rev.

Humbarger, S. W.

Hummel farm



Ideker, J.

Irwin, J. F.

Irwin, Jack

Irwin, Rev. D. F.



Jackson, Alice

Jackson, Andrew

Jackson, Hillard

Jackson, Mary M.

Jackson, S. O.

Jackson, U. B.

Jacquart, Rolland

James, Jesse

Jarvis, Martha


Johnson, Andrew

Johnson, Charles

Johnson, E. A.

Johnson, Ellis

Johnson, Gertrude M.

Johnson, Hal

Johnson, James F.

Johnson, Nathan

Johnson, Nellie

Jones, Estol

Jones, John S.

Jones, Laura

Jones, Nathan L.

Jones, Nettie

Jordan bequest

Jordan, Jessie Ruff



Keenan, Lizzie

Keeney, Park E.

Keeney, Wm. E.

Keeton, Ote

Keller, Chas.

Keller, Emma

Keller, Glen

Keller, Mary J.

Kennedy, Harold

Kerfoot, W. F.

Keyes, R. E.

Keys, Marion

Kies, Rev. Rolland

Kilbourne, Gertie

Kilbourne, Sadie Alice

Kinberlin, Clarence

Kiner gang

King, Charles

King, George

King, Maynard

Kingsley, R. L.

Kitch, S. A., Sr.

Klein, Abe

Klein, Alvin

Klein, Bert

Klein, Bobbie

Klein, Charles

Klein, Clarence

Klein, DeLloyd

Klein, Edward

Klein, Elma

Klein, Elmer

Klein, Erwin

Klein, Etta

Klein, Floyd

Klein, Freda

Klein, Fredia

Klein, Gail

Klein, Georgia

Klein, Gertrude Saxton

Klein, H. B.

Klein, H. V.

Klein, Harry

Klein, Herbert

Klein, Irvin

Klein, Jacob

Klein, James Sloan

Klein, Jno.

Klein, John Garrett

Klein, John, Jr.

Klein, John, Sr.

Klein, Larry

Klein, Lawrence

Klein, Lena

Klein, Lester

Klein, Mabel

Klein, Marvin

Klein, Mary Jane

Klein, Mayme

Klein, Morris

Klein, Mrs. Clarence

Klein, Myrtle

Klein, Nelly

Klein, Pauline

Klein, Pearl

Klein, Peter

Klein, Rex

Klein, Rosa

Klein, Roy

Klein, Ruth

Klein, Verda

Klein, Vern

Klein, Will

Klein, William

Kleins, Harry

Kline, H. S.

Knickerbocker, Herman

Kniese, Elsa

Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Charles

Knight, Vera

Knight, W. E.

Knowles, Betsy

Kremla, Fr. Victor

Kretzer, Lena

Kretzer, Leona

Kretzer, Letitia

Kretzer, William

Kroker, Frank



Laeger, Rev. George

Laeger, Sylvia

Lambert, Bill

Lamport, O. E.

Landry, Joe

Larson, Ethel Laura

Larson, Lewis

Larson, Louis

Latas, Bert

Latas, Clem

Latas, James C.

Laughlin, Willard

Lawrence, G. W.

Lawrence, Sister

Lean Bear

Leavenworth, Col. J. H.

Lee and Curtis livery stable

Lee, Cora

Lee, Eula

Lee, George K.

Lee, Margaret Virginia

Lee, Maude

Lee, Mrs. G. K.

Lee, Rex

Lee, William A.

Lee=s grove

Leftwich, Thomas E.

Leggett, Robin Jill

Leggett, Traci Jan

Leonard, Elizabeth Ruff

Lewis, John

Likes, L. F.

Linda, J.

Lindas Lumber

Line, J. O.

Lingenfelder, Gus

Lingenfelder, Johannes

Lingenfelder, John

Lingenfelder, Philip

Lingle property

Lingle, Elmer

Linn, Thomas

Lipp, Cecil

Lipp, E. D.

Lipp, Mary

Lippoldt, Ed

Lisle, Mary C.

Littel Ranch

Little, W. F., Rev.

Livingstone, J. E.

Loagland, M. H.

Long, Edwin

Longendyke, Capt.


Loy, A. M.

Lubbers, Gus

Ludingston, George W.

Ludington, Lucilla

Lupfer, Mabel Ruff

Lupfer, Sen. A. H.

Lynam, Arthur

Lynam, Eldon

Lynam, Erma

Lynam, Linda

Lynam, Luella

Lynam, Mrs. Eldon

Lynam, Oliver W.



Macy, Elinor Ruff

Maes, Fr. John

Magee, Clemen

Magee, James

Magee, Wm.

Markwell, M. E.

Marlatt, James W.

Marlett, James V.

Marshall, May Alta

Martin, A. H.

Martin, Albert

Martin, Floyd

Martin, Katherine

Martin, Mabel

Martin, Ned

Martindale, Rev. C.

Martinez, Eliana

Martinez, Ruth Tombaugh

Mary E. Roche

Mather Homestead

Mather, Adella

Mather, Annice

Mather, Bruce

Mather, Carolyn

Mather, Charles

Mather, Della Notestine

Mather, Earl

Mather, Edith

Mather, Edward

Mather, Ella Maria

Mather, Ellen/Ella

Mather, Elmer A.

Mather, Grace

Mather, Guy Francis

Mather, Harriet

Mather, Katie

Mather, Lena

Mather, Leora Ethel

Mather, Louis

Mather, Mary A.

Mather, Maude

Mather, Max

Mather, Mayer and Monger

Mather, Mr. and Mrs. Guy

Mather, Mrs. Elmer

Mather, Nathaniel Oliver

Mather, Rex

Mather, Ruby

Mather, Russel

Mather, Ruth

Mather, Sybil Grace

Mather=s grove

Mathews, Delmar

Mathews, Elaine


Matteson, Dudley

Matteson, Fred

Matteson, Jack

Matteson, Mr. and Mrs. Fred

Matteson, Pearl

Matthews farm

Mauer, John

Mayer and Johnson

Mayer, Al

Mayer, Chester

Mayer, Robert E.

Mayes, Lucy

Mayne, Capt.

McBee, M.

McCaffery, Jas.

McCaffery, Mrs. J. M.

McCarthy, Tim

McCarty, Filena

McCarty, Geo.

McClure, T.

McCormack, Geo.

McCready, Jacob


McKissick, Mary Say

McLoughlin, John

McNeil, James

McNulty, W. A.

McPherson, Wm.

Mendall, Fred

Mercer, G. F.

Merrick, Airilla

Merrick, Susie

Metcalf, Mary A.

Michael, Ruby

Michaels, Miss

Middlecauff, Victor

Miller, Armetta

Miller, Beatrice

Miller, Ben

Miller, Betty

Miller, Cheryl

Miller, Dale

Miller, Debra

Miller, Dolores

Miller, Elsie

Miller, Emma

Miller, Flora

Miller, Frances

Miller, George L.

Miller, Herbert E.

Miller, Ira

Miller, James

Miller, John Elmer

Miller, Lee

Miller, Leonard

Miller, Marilyn

Miller, Nellie

Miller, Nora

Miller, Oakley

Miller, Paul E.

Miller, Ralph D. (Jim)

Miller, Ray

Miller, Rev. Elias

Miller, Rev. J. P.

Miller, Roger

Miller, T. C.

Miller, Walter E.

Miller, Warren

Miller, Wayne Ray

Millington, Dale

Mills, Vivian

Minger, Ira

Mirow, H.

Mitchell, Brenda

Mitchell, Clarinda

Mitchell, Clinton

Mitchell, Lenore Smith

Mitchell, Michael

Mitchell, Peter

Mitchell, Rev. Bruce A.

Mitchell, Zaida

Mitten, George

Mitten, Mrs. George

Mize and Provine

Mize, G. H.

Mock, Benjamin

Mohr, Carl

Monger, Curtis

Montgomery, Eugene

Montgomery, Wm.

Moon, Rex

Mooney, J. E.

Mooney, Larry

Mooney, Maude Harris

Mooney, Mrs. Larry

Mooney, R. E.

Mooney, Robert

Moore, Charles

Moore, Des Moines

Moore, Fleming G.

Moore, Frank

Moore, George L.

Moore, John Wesley

Moore, Leora

Moore, Lizzie

Moore, O. E.

Moore, Rachel

Moore, Ralph

Moore, Robert

Moore, Sadie

More, Friend E.

Morgan, R. F.

Morning Star

Mower, (Maur) Anna

Mulligan, Rev. J. S. T.

Mundy, I. D.

Munn, L. H.

Murdock, Victor

Musgrave, C. W.

Musgrove, Rev. and Mrs.

Musil, Elmer

Musil, Emil

Musselman, Sarah

Musselman, Zella

Myers, Clarence

Myers, Eugene

Myers, Frank

Myers, Fritz

Myers, J. B.

Myers, Rosa



Nelson, Franklin W.

Nelson, John

Nelson, Lynn

Nett, Fr. Bert

Newcomb, Rev. and Mrs.

Newport, Guy

Newport, Iona

Newton, Laura

Nichol, E. A.

Nichols, Rufus

Nicholson, E. L.

Nichol=s Grove

Nolan, Jane

Norman, Clara

Norman, E. E.

Norman, Edward

Norman, Jessie May

Norman, Kendall

Norman, Mariah

Norman, Mr. and Mrs. Louis

Norman, Mrs. Ed Sr.

Norris, Clyde

Norris, George R.

Norris, Helen

Norris, Mary C.

Norris, Robert A.

Norris, Robert Moore

Norris, Stephen Nelson

Notestine, Aaron

Notestine, Arlene

Notestine, Bobbie

Notestine, Bruce

Notestine, Caroline

Notestine, Carrie

Notestine, Claude

Notestine, Clyde

Notestine, Curt

Notestine, D. V.

Notestine, Daniel

Notestine, Della

Notestine, E. E.

Notestine, Ed

Notestine, Ernest

Notestine, Frank

Notestine, George

Notestine, Hallie M.

Notestine, Henrietta

Notestine, Ida

Notestine, Isaiah

Notestine, Jacob

Notestine, John

Notestine, Kent

Notestine, Martha Elmira

Notestine, Mary

Notestine, Mrs. Jane                                                  

Notestine, Mrs. John

Notestine, Mrs. S. E.

Notestine, Robert Alonzo

Notestine, Roland

Notestine, Ronald

Notestine, Ruby

Notestine, Sadie

Notestine, Samuel Edward

Notestine, Sydney

Notestine, Wayne

Nuckolls, Bill

Nuckolls, Cara Sue

Nuckolls, Chas. And Elsie

Nuckolls, Don

Nuckolls, Mary

Nuckolls, Ruth

Nuckolls, W. A.

Nuckolls, William

Nutt, Zella Ruff



Ochsenbein, Ruth

Old, Charles

Olds, Dorothy Rucker

Oller, O. O.

Olmstead, S. C.

Olsen, Betty

Olsen, Bob

Olsen, Frank

Olsen, Herbert

Olsen, John

Olsen, Laura

Olsen, Nance

Olsen, Nellis

Olsen, Ole

Olsen, Pat

Olsen, Sigurd

Olsen, Walter

Olsen,Virgil S.

Olson, Dale

Orr, George H.

Orr, Inez M.

Osgood, Levi M.

Ostrander, Rev. P. A.

O=Laughlin, John

O=Laughlin, Mary



Packard, Ben

Page, Lucy

Page, Wm.

Palmer, Beatrice

Palmer, Edna

Palmer, LaVern Jr.

Palmer, Marietta

Palmer, S. L.

Palmer, Sidney

Paris, LuRena

Paris, Steve

Parks, John R.

Parsons, Captain

Patrick, John

Patterson, Raymond

Patton, Fred W.

Payne, H. T.

Payne, Henry

Payne, Wilbur

Peats, Ed

Peats, Eldridge

Peats, Fanny

Peats, Harry

Peats, Leslie

Peats, Paul

Peats, Ruth

Peek, A. O.

Peek, Harold

Pelton, Art

Pelton, Mrs. Lowell

Pelton, Ross

Perry, Bob

Perry, George

Perry, John S.

Perry, Mary E.

Perry, Robert


Pettay, Carl

Phillips, Albert

Phillips, Alfred


Phinney, Prof.

Pickard, Doctor

Pickard, Herman

Pickard, Nellie

Pierce, Ira M.

Pierce, Ira N.

Pierce, Joshua O.

Pinkerton, Rev. J. M.

Pixley, Joe

Plush, C. A.

Potter, Jennie

Potter, Robert Harry

Potter, Ross

Potter, Vera

Powell, George

Powers, Alva


Preston, Bernita

Preston, Brent

Preston, Candace

Preston, Charles Mather

Preston, Craig

Preston, Curtis

Preston, Florence

Preston, J. W.

Preston, Janda

Preston, Lester

Preston, Tosha



Provine, A. G.

Pucket, J.

Puckett, William

Pugh, Lydia (Mother-in-law)

Putnam, Jacob E.

Pyle, Miss



Quance, H. C.

Quinlen, Dennis




Rachnor, P. W.

Rackner=s store

Racknor, P. H.

Ramsdale, W. F.

Reece, Charles

Reece, Clyde

Reece, Dortha Lee

Reece, Ernest

Reece, Roland

Reece, Viola

Reed, H. W.

Reichard, Rev. N. H.

Reif, Francis

Rein, Ron

Rembow, Charlotte

Renner, J. L.

Reynolds, Benj. F.

Rhea, Bill

Rhemert, Herman

Rhinevault, S. G.

Rhoades, Cordelia

Riddle, J. J.

Riechard, Rev. and Mrs.

Riederer, J. H.

Riley, J. T.

Riley, Mary

Rintoul, A.

Rittenhouse, Floyd

Rittenhouse, James

Rittenhouse, Kent

Rittenhouse, Nehemiah and Minerva

Rittenhouse, Vivian

Roach, Thomas H.

Robb, E. P.

Robb, Elijah

Robbins, Bill

Robbins, Calvin A.

Robbins, R. E.

Robbins, W. E.

Robertson, Peter

Robinson and Rutherford flour and feed

Robinson, George

Robinson, Henry W.

Robinson, J. W.

Robinson, Richard

Roche, T. H.

Rodebaugh, Larry

Rodebaugh, Wilbur

Rodger Place

Roetzel, J. T.

Rogers, Alexander R.

Rogers, C.

Rogers, Elizabeth

Rogers, Mary

Rolingson, Rev.

Roman Nose

Row, Eb

Rowley, Joseph

Roy Delp Sr.

Roy Neil Delp Jr.

Ruby, Irene

Ruby, Marie

Rucker Brothers

Rucker Home

Rucker, Bill

Rucker, Chauncy Newton

Rucker, Chauncy R.

Rucker, Clair Newton

Rucker, Clarence Newton

Rucker, Clark Curtis

Rucker, Darlene

Rucker, Dorothy

Rucker, Eunice Dala

Rucker, Glenn Lionel

Rucker, Ira

Rucker, Isaac Richard (Richard J.)

Rucker, Jackie

Rucker, Lucile Grace

Rucker, Marc Crawford

Rucker, Mary Lou

Rucker, Maurice Mather

Rucker, Neil Lewis

Rucker, Newt

Rucker, Phyllis Jean

Rucker, Richard J. (Isaac Richard)

Rucker, Richard

Rucker, Vance Mather

Ruff, Abbie

Ruff, Bessie Adella

Ruff, Charles Chester

Ruff, Charles H.

Ruff, Chas.

Ruff, Chester

Ruff, Elinor

Ruff, Elizabeth

Ruff, Glenn

Ruff, Harold

Ruff, Jessie

Ruff, Keith

Ruff, Lawrence

Ruff, Mabel

Ruff, Mary Arletta

Ruff, Nellie

Ruff, Rene

Ruff, Rhoda

Ruff, Samuel

Ruff, Thelma

Ruff, Zella

Rumford, Harold


Rupright, Bertha

Rupright, Frank

Rupright, G. W.

Rupright, Granville

Rupright, Wanda

Russell, Ann

Russell, Margaret

Rutherford, J. B.

Rutherford, M. S.

Rutherford, S.

Ryan, Raymond



Sabin, Daniel Y.

Sabin, Lucille

Sabin, Lutie M.

Salmans, Erma Searcy

Sampson, A. L.

Sandars Brothers

Sander, Jas. C.

Sanders, James C.

Sargent, Mary Louisa

Sarver, Charles

Sarver, John

Saxon, Sarah E.

Saxton, Bessie

Saxton, Charles

Saxton, Edith

Saxton, Gertrude

Saxton, H. G.

Saxton, Harry

Saxton, Hazel

Saxton, Henry

Saxton, Hugh

Saxton, Jennie

Saxton, Mae/May

Saxton, Pearl

Saxton, Rosa

Saxton, Shirley

Scammon, F. I.

Scammon, Francis

Schadel, Jacob

Schadel, Mildred AMickey@

Schadel, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne

Schadel, Orel

Schadel, Roy

Schemly and Stohr

Schlict, Carl

Schlict, Jean

Schlict, Wilbur

Schnell, Chas.

Schoonover, J.


Schow, Mathias

Schraeder, Horchner

Schultz, Henry

Schusslee, R.

Schwab, Kate

Schweiger, Prof.

Scott, Maynard W.

Sealey, J. A.

Sear, Beryl

Searcy, Emma

Searcy, Erma

Searcy, J. C.

Searcy, Nellie

Searcy, William

Seeley, E. G.

Seely, Edward

Seely, J. A.

Seely, Myrtle

Seely, Ora

Seeman, Pearl

Seiverling, Henry

Selfridge, Brad

Selfridge, Elmer

Selfridge, Gerald

Selig, Ludwig

Severs, W. B.

Seward, Maude Lee

Seymour, Sherman

Shafer, Sam

Shank Brothers

Shank, Arlyn

Shank, Dwight

Shank, Leo

Shanks, Kate

Sheridan, Gen. P. H.

Sherwood, Charlotte

Shiley, Levi

Shinkle, Floyd

Shockley, Rev.

Shon, M.

Shook, Albert DeWitt

Shook, Andrew and Constantia

Shook, Kenneth

Shuck, Enoch

Shuck, Josiah C.

Shuck, L. A.

Shuck, Lester

Shuck, Logan

Shuck, Milo

Shuck, Philip

Shuck, Ross

Shuck, William

Sidebottom, Abbie (Ruff)

Sidebottom, Carl

Sidebottom, T. L.

Sieverling, Annie

Sieverling, August

Sieverling, Beulah

Sieverling, Clair

Sieverling, Conrad                                                     

Sieverling, David                                                       

Sieverling, Debra

Sieverling, Fred A.

Sieverling, Frederick C.

Sieverling, Fritz

Sieverling, Gaylord

Sieverling, George B.

Sieverling, Glenn

Sieverling, Henry (son of Frederick)

Sieverling, Henry Conrad

Sieverling, Herman

Sieverling, Joe

Sieverling, Johanna

Sieverling, John Hadley

Sieverling, L. F.

Sieverling, Lena Belle

Sieverling, Lynn

Sieverling, Otis A.

Sieverling, Otto

Sieverling, Shannon

Sieverling, Stella

Sieverling, Virginia Lee

Sieverling, Wanda Lois

Sieverling, Wesley

Sieverling, William (son of Conrad)

Sieverling, William (son of Frederick)

Sieverling, William H. (son of Henry C.)

Simison, Pearl

Simison, Rev. Robert

Simons, E. T.

Simons, Emery

Singleton, Bessie

Singleton, J. A.

Singleton, Mrs. Bessie

Skelton, Cecil

Skelton, Thurston

Slavin, Clara

Slavin, Joe

Sleath, Amos

Sloan, T. E.

Sloo and Goss store


Smith Bros.

Smith, A. D.

Smith, Arlene Charlotte

Smith, Arthur

Smith, Bertha

Smith, Bessie Ruff

Smith, Charles Walter

Smith, Charlotte (Mrs.)

Smith, Charlotte

Smith, Clayton

Smith, Clinton

Smith, Dean

Smith, Dexter Dean

Smith, Donald

Smith, Donna Bea

Smith, Doris

Smith, Elaine

Smith, Esau

Smith, Ethel

Smith, Everett

Smith, Francis

Smith, Frank

Smith, Fred

Smith, General A. J.

Smith, George Albert

Smith, Glenn

Smith, Hollis A.

Smith, Jenny

Smith, John Henry

Smith, Kim Annette

Smith, Lena

Smith, Leroy

Smith, Lewis Hadley

Smith, Lorene May

Smith, Lowell Clinton

Smith, Margaret

Smith, Mary

Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton

Smith, Mrs. Esau

Smith, Mrs. Frank

Smith, Nathaniel

Smith, Norma

Smith, O.

Smith, Rex Neville

Smith, Robert DeLloyd

Smith, Roscoe

Smith, Rowena

Smith, Sarah Jane

Smith, Scot Darwin

Smith, Vernon

Smith, W. E.

Smith, Walter

Smith, Wayne

Smith, William Edward

Smith, Zella Musselman

Smothers, H. M.

Smothers, Rev.

Sniff, ?

Sorne, Ethel

Sparks, R. I.

Sparks, Robert

Speck, Chas.

Speck, Melvin

Spencer, Leander

Spreier, Conrad

Spreier, Fred

St. Clair, Charles

Staley, Bertha

Staley, Rev. Samuel

Stalker, Rebecca

Stambaugh, Wm. H.

Star, Francis


Starr, B. E.

Starr, Ben

Starr, Francis

Starr, J. E.

Starr, Will

Steffen, C. O.

Steffen, Clarence

Steffen, Connie

Steffen, Delmar

Steffen, J. H.

Steffen, L. L.

Steffen, Mrs. Cecil

Steffens, J. H.

Stegman, Paul

Stejskal, Mary

Stewart, Elma

Stewart, Herman G.

Stewart, Ruth

Stinemitz, Alan

Stinemitz, Cecil

Stitson, Elias B.

Stohr, F. J.

Stohr, Jos.                                                                  

Stohr, Polly

Stohr, Rose

Strait, Ed

Stratch, Rosa

Strecker, Fr. Jerry

Strobel, Carol

Strobel, George, residence

Strobel, Jas.

Strobel, Mrs. George

Strock, John

Strong, W. B.

Sturdevant, Rev. C.


Sucht, Don


Summers, Mrs. Jim

Summers, Rev.

Summers, Semira

Summers, W. B.

Sunberg, Rodney

Swafford, J. F.

Swanson, T. F.

Sweeney, Michael

Swenson, Durwood (Kelly)

Swigerd, Geo.

Swigerd, John

Swinson, F.



Tabor, Orange F.

Taggart, W. J.

Taggert, W. I.

Tall Bull

Taylor, Donald

Temple, F.

Temple, John

Templer, James

Templeton, John

Thell, G.

Thell, William

Thomas, William

Thompson, Doris

Thompson, Enoch

Thompson, Frank A.

Thompson, Harry

Thompson, Howard

Thompson, John

Thompson, Rev. J. S.

Thomson, Bill

Thomson, Mabel Ruff

Thomson, Mrs. D. L.

Thomson, William L.

Tilley, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin L.

Tiney, A.


Tipton, Mr.

Todd, Arlene

Todd, Michael

Todd, Rev.

Tombaugh, Clyde W.

Tombaugh, Glenn

Tombaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Charles F.

Tompkins, Donald

Turner, Annalou

Turner, Chelsie T.


Twist, J. W.



Uhland, Robert

Uhland, W. R.

Uhland, Will

Ulcox, (?), Philo J.



Valentine, Caleb

Van Mavern, Nellie

Van Meter, Anna Mildred

Van Meter, George

Van Meter, John

Van Meter, Keith

Van Meter, L. B.

Van Meter, Vern

Van Ness, Nettie

Vanbroclin, Nelson

Vanbuskirk, Chas.

Vanhart, Geo. F.

VanMeter, Anna Mildred

VanMeter, D. M.

VanMeter, David N.

VanMeter, Emma

VanMeter, Freddy

VanMeter, George W.

VanMeter, John Flushing

VanMeter, Julia Anna

VanMeter, Keith L.

VanMeter, LaVere B.

VanMeter, Louis Burton

VanMeter, Mrs. Emeline

VanMeter, Mrs. G. W.

VanMeter, Ruth Marion

VanMeter, Vern

VanWinkle, J. M.

Vaughn, S. S.

Venable, Arthur



Wadsworth, Mr.

Walker, Rev. W. H.

Walters, Blanche (Danford?)

Walters, Charlie

Walters, Lena

Walters, Roy

Ward, Gertrude R.

Ward, William Monroe

Warner, Glen and Mildred

Warner, Inita

Waterhouse, Alvin M.

Waterhouse, Della

Waterhouse, Eugene

Waterhouse, Everett

Waterhouse, H. H.

Waterhouse, H. M.

Waterhouse, Hazel

Waterhouse, Hazen M.

Waterhouse, Laura Louise

Waterhouse, Maude A.

Waterhouse, Robert M.

Waterhouse, Ruth

Waterhouse, Thomas Alvin

Waters, Lena

Webb, Charles Fremont

Webb, Fred

Webb, Myrtle

Webb, Wilbur

Webber, Seymour

Webster, Buck

Webster, Dan

Webster, Dewey

Webster, Henry

Webster, Lena May

Webster, Miles

Webster, Ovid

Wedeking, J. L.

Weidemann, Fred

Welch, Bryce

Welch, Fred

Welch, Hilda

Welch, Opal

Wellwood, A. M.

Wernet, V. J.

Wernet, Vincent

Wetzel, Martha

Wheeler, Ed

White, John

Whited, Aubry

Whittig, George

Willey, Lewis

Williams, Adam

Williams, Harter, and Williams

Williams, W. L.

Williamson, Laura

Wilson, L. S.

Wilson, T. C.

Winchester, Dr. F. N.

Winchester, Dr. F. W.


Wing, Jacob

Winters, Carolyn Mather

Winters, Gerald

Winters, Murl

Wise, Berniece

Wondra, Anthony

Woodard, Gib

Woodside, Wm.

Woodworth, Amon

Woolard, Perry

Wooley, Geo. W.

Wordenburg, Thomas

Worrell, Capt. J. P.

Wright and Johnson

Wright, Mrs. D. P.

Wright, S. F.

Wright, Silas G.

Wyckoff, Dr.

Wyncoop, E. W.

Wyncoop, Hattie



Yates, Leo

Yellow Buffalo

York, Ellen

York, H. B.

York, Joe

York, Mrs. O. D.

York, Oliver

York, Stella

Young, Geo. S.

Young, Henry

Young, J.

Yust, Judy

Yust, Willis



Zahn, Amber Fay

Zahn, Belle

Zahn, Carrie

Zahn, Darwin Randall

Zahn, Earl

Zahn, Emaline

Zahn, Fanny

Zahn, Floyd

Zahn, Harry Edward

Zahn, Hattie Bell

Zahn, Jaunita (sic)

Zahn, Joseph

Zahn, Junior

Zahn, LeRoy

Zahn, Marilyn

Zahn, Minnie

Zahn, Nellie

Zahn, Noel E.

Zahn, Sue

Zahn, Viola

Zahn, William Edmund

Zeimer, Nate

Ziemmer, Caroline



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